Maria Kriya
Yoga for Kids


To Create a Positive Environment for kids and Teens to learn tools for wellness, stress management and empathy through yoga, art, music and literature
Leap Frog Yoga is a community based organization that reaches out to kids that are suffering from cancer and kids that have endured domestic abuse. Leap Frog creates a safe, calm and stimulating environment in which kids and teens learn to heal themselves body and mind, create community with their peers and build confidence strength and respect for themselves and others. 

The program I have created incorporates yoga and elements of early childhood development, thus ensuring that children of every age are being supported by the physicality of yoga and the cognitive, social and emotional elements of child developmental activities. This program was developed for kids that are sick in hospitals and kids that are in domestic shelters. In both cases these children are not able to be out and about living regular lives likes most kids, in a sense they are hidden away because they have to be. So bringing some outside world to them brings joy to me, I know it makes them feel normal, even special for that time period that I am with them. 

We also offer our services to the mainstream community as well....Peace In Peace Out!

 Benefits of Yoga 

* Confidence 

* Leadership Skills 

* Focus 

* Character 

* Strength 
* Community